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How to Get Out of Your Lease

How to Get Out of Your Lease

We’ve All Been There at One Time or Another.

Locked into a Lease that you wish you never signed?  As if leasing isn’t already stressful enough, you are pushed into signing a lease for the next two years or big increases in rent will apply.  It is hard enough to know what life is going to bring you in the next couple of weeks, let alone the next couple of years!  And if you decide to move out early, you will really pay.  Lease break fees.  Early Termination.  Next two month’s up-front, please.

So, Just How DO You Get Out of Your Lease?

Here are the top 3 ways that you can get out of your lease without paying huge penalties:

1.  Ask Nicely.  Say something like, “Pretty please with a cherry on top.”

2.  Join the Military.  When you leave for basic and get your first orders, the military clause in your lease allows you to move out in as little as 30 days without paying an early termination fee.

3.  And perhaps the simplest way:  Call Heather and let her handle it.  It really is that easy!  I have been negotiating on behalf of my clients for years to get out of their leases early, and I can help you, too!

Text “Help Me, Heather” to 801.493.5411 and let’s get moving!